Eye Bank Coordinator

Eye Bank coordinator is a bridge between donors and recipients.
Our coordinators’ works include to give an informed consent as a third party in a donation process, distribute corneas properly to waiting patients, forward thank-you letters from recipients to donor families. In order to respond a prospective donation cases quickly, Coordinators are on call 24 hours a day.

Donor Coordination
Following to obtain written consent from the donor family, Coordinator assists the doctor in recovering eyes, carefully make necessary touch-ups to preserve the donor’s appearance. Evaluation and distribution of the donated cornea and donor family follow-ups follow.
Recipient Coordination
Some of transplant recipients may experience anxiety after transplant surgery and suffer from corneal graft rejection or trauma that requires immediate attention and treatment. Therefore, Coordinator is on-call to coordinate with the doctor for necessary instructions.
All coordinator of Cornea Center & Eye Bank are trained to work as laboratory technicians; processing donated corneas into corneo-scleral grafts, measuring the endothelial density of the tissue, and precut corneas to meet each patient’s needs.
Educational activity
As members of Cornea Center & Eye Bank, Coordinators are engaged in promoting corneal transplantation in Japan by providing accurate information about eye banks and their activities that are not well known among general public nor medical staff in Japan.