Thank you for your Donation

All of us at Cornea Center and Eye Bank highly appreciate your donation. We could operate the eye bank and promote educational activities with monetary donation from supporters.

At Tokyo Dental College Hospital, the Routine Referral System we have first introduced to Japan has been working successful and proven effective to respect the intention for organ donation.

Hereafter we will expand the system by seeking more understanding and cooperation from medical staff and to develop the public educational activity such as Run for Vision®. Your continued support to Cornea Center & Eye Bank is greatly appreciated.

We thank the supporter below for making donations between 2014 April and 2015 March

Chiba Ophthalmologist Association, Association for Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine(Wakasa Seikatsu Corporation)

Hiroshi Seki(Akamatsu Eye Clinic), Michiko Hirahara, Umon Hagiwara, Munehiro Akune, Sumiko Maekawa, Takae Kamigaki, Masanobu Imoto, Totaro Shiotsuki