Thank you for your Donation

All of us at Cornea Center and Eye Bank highly appreciate your donation. We greatly depend on monetary donations from supporters to run the facility and promote educational activities.
At Tokyo Dental College Hospital, the Routine Referral System we have first introduced to Japan has been working successfully and proven effective to respect the intention for organ donation.
Hereafter we will expand the system by seeking more understanding and cooperation of the outside medical facilities and, at the same time, will develop the public educational activities. Your continued support to the Cornea Center & Eye Bank is greatly appreciated.
We thank the supporters below for making donations in Japan Fiscal Year 29 (April 2017 – March 2018)(※showing only those donors who agreed on their names being made public)
Chiba Ophthalmologist Association, Association for Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine(ATRM)
Tadao Sugiyama, Kazuyoshi Shimada, Takae Kamigaki, Reiko Amano, Michiko Sakurai, Yoshiko Machida, Masanobu Imoto, Masaki Mori, Akihiro Hanayama, Toshihiko Sakugawa, Yoshiko Ohtake