Message from Executive Director

東京歯科大学市川総合病院 角膜センター センター長 島﨑 潤

Having been established as a facility with a fully functional and well-equipped eye bank in Tokyo Dental College Ichikawa General Hospital, Cornea Center has served to provide the best quality of medicine, research and services related to cornea, with a motto ”For the Patient”.

Cornea Center is a general medical center specialized in cornea, with a quality required in 21st century. The center’s three divisions are 1)the Cornea Transplantation Center which liaises with eye banks and other governmental/administrative offices overseas, 2)the Eye Bank that bridge corneal donors and recipients, and 3)the Research Division to perform regenerative medical treatments and basic and clinical research.

Moderns Eye banks are requested to add value to the recovered corneas that can be used for advanced anterior eye surgeries. Preparations to handle Amniotic membrane tissue grafts for eye surgeries are underway.

The Research division focuses on dry-eyes, ocular and oral regenerative medicine using the oral mucosa, basic and clinical research on corneal transplantation as well as corneal regenerative therapies that has been clinically applied.

Outside of Japan, Cornea Center and Eye Bank is honored to work in cooperation with the Medical Advisory Board of the Eye Bank Association of America(EBAA) and international committees, and collaborates with eye banks in other countries.